* I should stop beating myself. Funny but I pretty pretty get frustrated with myself if I can’t finish a task in pronto for my payless ‘work.’

I’m not alone who feels this way, right.

* I think most people find it weird that I’m still in multiply. Like duh. There was even one person who tries to glorify multiply just so I won’t feel bad that I’m still in multiply. Mmmm. Thank you, but I’m fine being in the last-season bandwagon.

* And, for those who asked if I deleted or blocked you in my facebook, no I did not. I deactivated (since you cannot delete your facebook acct) my whole facebook account. I have no problem with privacy churva. Geez, there’s no such thing as privacy in the internet. And, no I don’t hate zuckerberg. I just have too many social gatherings. I need to prioritize. So I choose the ‘quite mode’ party and the ‘nobody-cares-who-you-are’ party. =) But I might activate it again, who nose.

* I can survive eating oat meal for 60 days. ???