* Meg turns 5 today. And, it makes me feel, I’m really old now, and have to act accordingly. But then how it is to act accordingly to my age?

* It took 5 years for Mark to realize that he is a father, to finally sink in that he could never have it the way before — like playing games 12-hour straight. This is according to him. It is something that he can no longer ‘program’ to work ‘according’ to his will.

* So funny, because just when Mark is tuned-in with fathering, I’m on the way to my ‘parenting desensitization.’ So while Mark is this all OA kind of father, I just roll my eyes on him and say, “chill.”

* So Mati boy is like the lucky boy because he gets to experience a ‘present’ father. Unlike with Migi/Meg, when Mark is like always in the ‘iced’ mode — thoughts so far away. On the other thought, it is I who has now the wandering mind so I guess all 3 are fair and square. I guess youngests are lucky — they have experienced parents.

* Funny that when you master the ‘parenting for toddler level,’ they will soon move to another level. What a waste of learning, unless you’ll make another batch of babies. So why bother learning parenting? Kidding.

* We are always told to be good and finish study, then you can do whatever crazy stuff after school. Is that the reason why adults act like ‘nakagawas sa halwa?’ Then, it makes me think, how about if I just let my kids do the crazy stuff now, then they can get serious with school/life after. It will take the same time = 20 years of school then 10 years of craziness or 20 years of craziness then 10 years of school. =)

* On the other thought, I think I’m now mature. I now belong to those who think TV/mass media is stupid. On the other other thought, I don’t really mind being a TV celebrity. =)

* Even fairy tales are creepy. That Jack and the Beanstalk is actually a story of revenge. Migi was gifted with this story book, and was storytelling them. Migi asked why Jack keeps getting stuff from the giant. If the giant killed Jack’s father and stole their money, does it justify Jack’s actions? Of course, in the real world, it’s okay. But in an idealistic world, Jack and her mother have to move on and build a new life for them.

I came across this topic in the book, <a href=”″>NurtureShock: New Thinking About Children</a><img src=”″ width=”1″ height=”1″ border=”0″ alt=”” style=”border:none !important; margin:0px !important;” />, that fairy tales are not better off to trashy cartoons. For the reason that there is much emphasis on the conflict, than on resolution so kids may only grasp the conflict part but not the resolution.

* Regret in being ‘young’ parent. There are moments that I do feel I should have not done it earlier. It’s not because I’m selfish, but because I feel I could give more of myself when I do it much later, when I’m more at peace of who I am chardotcom. But those little feet running around, the screams, the yungit talks, the endless fights among them, those little round smelly bodies, the mess — they always bring some sense of warm and comfort and peace and contentment. Even the ‘lagom nga tubig’ flowing from their body when I gave them a bath gives me a warm feeling. Of course, there are regrets, they will never go, but I’m no bitter.

* kid #3 up.