* How can a non-writer have writer’s block. I was waiting for Mati to have his afternoon sleep so I could go off, and post something. It gets to 4pm and nothing happen so I sneak to work on my mental list but here I am, can’t bring myself to do it.

* So here I am listening to ‘tattooed on my mind’ over and over and over again.

* then read http://aiys.typepad.com/blog/. She’s the barkada of my boardmates, so I got to see her much back college days. Reading her posts makes me miss those days — her big laugh vibrating thru the whole boardhinghouse. Melancholic. I miss talking to people who can take my sarcasm, and corny/bastos jokes, and my bad-taste humor. Probably the reason that forced me to talk to the computer.

* I miss those days that I can just bang on the doors of the boardmates so I could have an audience for what’s in my mind.

* And, I guess I miss more of having them bang on my/our doors so they could have someone listen to their pathetic stories.

* Sad that looking at my phonebook, everybody is anywhere. Not like the old days, where we can just pop up at each other’s face any time just so we can ‘hang out.’

* I miss nonsense funny happy conversations that ends until the next morning. All I have right now is Mark’s ‘serious’ talk — you know the websocket, html5, database structure, proxies, poo-poo, topsilog, and on and on and on, and politics, and his anti-social comments, and his torn between capitalism and socialism view, and his hate for anything mainstream idealism. Thanks to him, I’m now totally sarcastic minus the humor.

* My point is that I miss having my fluffy friends to be just within reach. And, I’m too anti-social & too far-out, too sarcastic now to make new connections, or re-connections.