Pop Apps

One of the questions I get most about @tweetitow is “How do you earn from it?” 

Though, it’s nice to think of getting financially rich from @tweetitow. But we’d figured out at the start that there’s no real money in @tweetitow. 

* It does not solve any real human problem.

* Asking users to pay for it is like selling cotton-candy to the kids. It tastes good but does not add real value to your life. 

So why keep doing it?

* Because we’re learning. Learning that has more than monetary value. =)

* And, we earn friends — it’s cheesy but true.

* I’m aiming that the technology used in @tweetitow will soon be used in other applications that have more valuable use. One of them is that I wish to use the tech in @tweetitow to soon power EMR/EHR which can hopefully give us a better healthcare system especially in the remote areas. Let me dream on that.


Thinking of this lately with social sites and mobile apps getting very popular, I cannot help but feel that social sites are pop apps. What real human problem are they/we really trying to solve with social sites? 

And, this goes to those who wish of creating tech start-up, a social site is always a good start. But I believe it’s best to always keep our eyes open to solving real human problems.