of raising another family

Mark has another family, caresharing. He works there. Since he has to make some decisions there, he has to grow up and be more mature of the things he will do because it’s no longer about him and his few friends. If things will fail, we know that he and his friends can just start another thing all over again. But it’s no longer the case, the family is bigger. He can no longer just quit when things get sticky, and if his mood tells him so.

And, he’s been really struggling on it because he’s a programmer, not someone who knows about human psyche. But on the other thought, it’s good because it made him grow up and mature, and you know it made him think that it’s no longer about him, and our family, but also about the community and such.

So 2 things:

* Mark has to sort of act like a father to the ‘younger’ generations in the family. He has to make sure that they learn more, and hopefully, in a way, influence them for the better. They’re like his children, that one of these days, they might leave the family. And that hopefully, when they leave, they will create their own family, and now be the one to groom and nurture another set of individuals, and so these new better individuals will then create their own family and so on and so forth.

And, we just don’t know, one of these days, my kids will soon be under their wings. And so we hope they can then also be the one to nurture and make my kids better. So you can call it self-serving.

I guess my point here is that another way to ensure a better future for our kids, we should give/share, not hoard. And sharing does not only mean financial aspect.

* That better life. In the Philippines, why do people go abroad despite the good income? Mark’s family can probably give similar pay to those what offered abroad. But it cannot offer the social security and environment the other country can offer.