life in random pics

* Lately in the news, there’s a debate about ‘no-homework-on-fridays’ policy/memorandum/or whatever you call it. I can’t believe there are parents who are against it. As for me, I want a ‘no-homework’ policy or maybe ‘do-as-you-please’ homework policy.

It already feels like life is all about ticking off the task list. In school, you are told what to do, after school, you have to continue doing what you are told to do. I probably have taken it wrongly but that’s what I feel now.
* It’s not an internet cafe. It’s our home.

* Migi has now lost 2 milk teeth, and in replacement are 2 crooked teeth.

* I finished Fidel Castro: My Life book. There are too many deep terms and such that I could not quite grasp the whole thing but it’s just nice to ‘listen’ to such passionate man, which can be interpreted as him being extremist. Well, he is extremist but I’d rather have an extremist than a safe/popular guy without much passion. It was a worth-the-time read, made me think, “yes, why does it have to be like that?” But I’ll spare myself writing the whole drama of life.

While Mark is still reading Larry Elison (Oracle guy). This is like socialist versus capitalist.

* Migi is now kinder to grasshoppers, he no longer pull of its legs and wings. He only just make them dizzy with his rough play.

* As much as I would like to say I don’t get affected with school performance, I can’t help but get bother sometimes why Migi’s not that good at English/Reading especially when I saw his papers with 0 score with a matching note ‘Please study.’

But when I see this side of Migi, I feel at peace that whatever happens, he can always build his own circus show.

Mati’s litow feet

* Youngests are always the cuteness. This sounds silly but there are times I feel the urge to have more babies. But I’m already ligated, which makes me wonder I could have more mati-like babies.

Favoritism? It’s just that Mati is the left-behind kid when Migi and Meg are at school, thus he gets to be picked on most by the people at home.  I guess favoritism is not really a problem, unless you’ll make it an issue.

* Bye-bye foldable high-chair. When I saw it to be given away, it’s like a sign that we’re slowly out of the ‘baby stage.’ Level up. =)
* Mark’s other set of kids. They’re a few more of them back at their office. I don’t know how they see it, but Mark’s kinda see them as his kids, who, I guess one of these days, will leave and have their own ‘kids.’ Being lurking around, I’m quite excited to see what will they become in the future. Who knows, they will soon have my kids and your kids as their ‘kids’ too. =) So I wish somehow Mark can have some positive contribution to their life learning. =)

* How to have a mess-free meal time, let them eat outside.
* The other cast in Migi’s circus show.

* When I make it a point to be not bothered much chasing a stable life, but instead learn how to be stable in a very wavy life, life has been good. I hope I made sense there.

* I’m very thankful to be surrounded with nice people. Somehow, everyone who comes into our life is nice. I really thank God for that.

* I could say I have a big faith in God. I just wish the priests can minimize preaching about poor versus rich. There are better stories to tell. And, zippp my mouth.