Jeepney Rides

I grow up without the luxury of a car thus I’m used to going around via public transportation. But lately, I never get to do it because I rarely go somewhere other than home/office. So every time I get a chance to be in a jeepney nowadays, I always introspect as to why I like jeepney rides because others generally don’t like jeepneys. I try to understand myself, my fondness of public transportation.

So I realized that:

  • I like jeepney rides because I love to people-watch. If you’re in the comfort of your own car, you don’t get to do that. I like making up stories of people around me in the jeepneys. Jeepney rides exercise my faculty for imagination.
  • Being in the environment where we’re surrounded with computers & internet, we forget what is really a common everyday life. Thus, being in a jeepney or a bus, you are reminded how real life is. You will realize that ‘great customer service’ is overrated – who the fucks care if you’re not comfortable with your seat. The real world is survival of the fittest. =)
  • Having computer/internet at disposal to entertain & educate you, jeepney rides remove you from those ‘luxuries.’ Thus, it gives you the time to sit still and do nothing. So to entertain yourself, you have not much choice but to access your thoughts and brains to keep you from getting bored. It gives you time to introspect on your own, without any input from other media like internet/TV. And, you’ll see that there are also interesting stuff in your head than from the newsfeed/timeline of your online world. Of course, I don’t mean you get away from your online world but try to make time to look into your head so you have something interesting/new to add to the newsfeed/timeline.

In my jeepney ride today, I look at the people around me, and think if do all of them have facebook account, do they know twitter, do they care about web/mobile applications. Probably, one or 2 of them. So it makes me think about how do you penetrate the Filipino ‘masses’ with your web application, how can you make them support the local web/mobile tech start-up industry? Would the language you use to create your product matter to them? Would they care if it’s an html5 or flash?

I got cut-off writing this when an Aunt approached me, and had conversation with me. I can no longer recall what I was supposed to add to this.