What if my child has depression?

I ‘bump’ on someone with depression. And, I’m thinking how can I help her. Being in that situation once before, I know uplifting someone with depression will just make it worse for him (that was my case though).

* You know pointing out to him that you should be happy and grateful because you are lucky, you have this and such, blessed that you are still living. You will just make him feel worse. The fact that he has every thing and can buy any thing, except that one thing makes it more helpless for him.

* In life, there are things you can control and not control. With depression, the feeling is something that you really have no control. And, worse is that though the answer to your depression is just there, you have no control on how to get it.

Anyway, I was thinking how can I help him? So I kind of thought of him as ‘what if he is my child?’ Really, how could I help if one of my children will experience being depressed? (God forbid)

I guess as a mother, all I can do is watch him until he can get over it. It will be really painful for me seeing him, and can do nothing much about it. But I know that he will be