please bring back the ‘showbiz talk’ in showbiz talk show

One of the things that I could not live without before was showbiz talk shows. My/our Sunday schedule before was based on the schedule of the buzz/or whatever was the title of the gma 7’s (Sorry, God), we had to hear mass before or after those shows. But that changed when I start having babies, they always want to do other things than watch explosibong/exclusibong information. Then, I just get over it, no more craving for my Sunday fill of mindless entertainment.

Then, came twitter where everybody is a celebrity. =) So who needs TV to watch celebrities.

Anyway, I get my celebrity news from what the people shared on twitter. Then, I came across pictures of the hosts of The Buzz.

OHMY, what did they do to my favorite dish??? It’s no longer a showbiz talk show, it’s now more of a FASHION SHOW!!!

What happen to the Inday Badiday, Cristy Fermin, Lolit Solis, Ogie Diaz species of talk show hosts? Do they really need to dress up to deliver some not-much-sense information?

Gasss, I can’t imagine KC or Charlene dissing on other celebrities, or deliver made-up stories. KC is a WHO/UN ambassador, right? Charlene is wife to an ‘ulirang ama’ awardee. You know rumors are best served not on a silver platter, I believe.


I think our media is confused. No wonder, even a hostage crisis was televised like it’s just another soap opera.

Please bring me back my jopopayans, and hosts who are made to trash!