Parenting/Unparenting tips or How to Mother or not nuggets/Overrated Rose-isms

I love giving unsolicited advice (someone told me there’s no such thing as advices so let’s keep it as advice).

I have lots and lots of notes I took down of my own parenting ‘enlightenment.’ You know those times when I’m carrying a cranky baby the whole night, to entertain myself, I usually made up stories and recount some parenting stories I came across and twist it and create my own.

Some of them get phew out of my mind before I could write it down. Some were record hastily in different places — from my celphone to mark’s to whatever notebooks my hands could get on — then, plan to put them down on my multiply diary. But of course, they never get anywhere. My kids find their way to my celphones/notes then delete them. Some are still there but I could no longer recall what’s the context of those haphazard notes.

‘Enlightenment’ does not usually happen when I have the pleasure of time, facing the computer. It usually happens when I’m in bed waiting for the kids to calm down and sleep. It usually happens when I’m ‘iced’ babysitting them, or when doing #2. Or, whatever. =) And, finally when I have time to put them down on my multiply diary, I lost the enthusiasm – just tired. Or, if I do get to start jotting them down on my multiply, someone wants my attention.

Sometimes enlightenment happens when someone asked some parenting ‘advice,’ and I don’t have an answer. Then, later on I tried to ponder on it, and oh some light bulb moments.

So I’ll try to start combing thru my notes, and ‘try’ to put them down here in small bits.