Parenting Excuse #1: Influence

There are different ways to raise/parent a child:
* directly influencing them
* indirectly influencing them

I’ll expand on ‘indirectly influencing them.’ Example:

Directly: You can enroll your kid to an expensive school to get that ‘quality’ education.

Indirectly: Or you can go the unrealistic way of asking the congress/senate to pass a bill that will increase the teacher’s salary. When teachers have good salary, I believe they can be more creative in their teaching. =)

In my case, Migi is 6-year old. Well, academically, he is not advanced. But you know I’m a mother so I’ll create a category for him where he excels, and be a proud mother. You know he can’t read, but he can finish a whole game without reading the instructions. For sure, it’s not unique to Migi. A lot of little kids are good at ‘games;’ only in the pop culture, it’s not consider as a talent or whatever. It’s the reading and counting that matter.

My point here is that I can forced him to learn how to read, or get him a tutor — a direct way of influencing him.

Or, indirectly unrealistic way, I’ll create a gaming a community for the gamers and bring the South Korea gaming culture here in Cebu. So that my kids and other kids can have a job as a gamer in the future.


You know, I’m thinking I’m not sure if my parenting tip has value. =)