NurtureShock: New Thinking About Children. Are they really new?

As I mentioned before, I’m over reading parenting books. They make parenting harder instead of easier. But of course, if you have 3 kids in a row, I don’t think parenting books can help.

Anyway, let me talk about NurtureShock. I think this book is not only applicable to people with kids, but I guess to everybody. After reading nurtureshock, I kind of understand myself more.

Nurtureshock presented 10 ‘new thinkings’ about children. But I believe they are really not new. We all know about them all along, it’s just we shove them at the back of our head because they’re not something that are much accepted in the mainstream/pop culture.

I’ll just list here the 10 new thinkings, and I’ll add my high mighty comments. =)

1. The Inverse Power of Praise
— According to the book, giving praises can backfire in the long run. If a kid is used to being ‘praised,’ they would become risk-averse. Meaning they would take challenges where they know they would succeed. But of course, the book also cited that praises are owkei as long as they are sincerely given.

As a parent, this is hard to do — not giving praises. I’m very much guilty of giving out praises though it’s not really meant to be. I guess ‘the want to be praised’ is a human instinct — my thought is why be selfish in giving it out, right?

Anyhoo, I don’t mean to follow the book but at least just be aware of it.

2. The Lost Hour
— Sleep loss is linked to IQ points, emotional well-being, ADHD, and obesity. I believe this chapter is also appropriate to the adults. If you’re a new parent, this really applies to you — you really have not much choice.Reading this chapter, it reminds me of myself way back when I was working on a graveyard shift and my friends who are working on odd hours.

Anyway, I’m not sure why they include this as new thinking. It’s obvious, prolong lack of sleep is really bad. I guess the something new here is that lack of sleep makes you fat. Gaahh, can oversleep make me skinny?

3. Why White Parents Don’t Talk About Race?
–I can not relate to this. But anyway, this makes me realize how black/white is such a big issue for Americans. Anyway, the concept here is that white family tends to not talk about race issue because they thought it’s the best way to raise your kids not to be racist, but it proves to be not effective. So they say, it is better to make black/white a normal part of conversation.

I guess the problem here in Philippines is the ‘whitening product’ commercials — the idea that white is beautiful. I’m not sure if it’s a racist issue but really can those be banned. I hope the celebrities will be kind enough to not endorse those products. If they really feel for their fans, they should not endorse those.

4.  Why Kids Lie