my geek definition

For I don’t know reason, a few people would call me geek. I don’t know why. But no, I’m not a geek. Not because I don’t like to be labeled as geek. I mean nowadays, it’s cool to be geek. But still I would refuse to be call a geek. Because true geeks would definitely not welcome me.

People would usually associate geeks to tech. I guess that’s why they would associate me to a geek because I talk about tech every now and then. The thing is I only ‘talk’ about tech. Talking does not necessarily mean ‘knowing.’

My definition of geek:

* Geek does not necessarily mean tech. You can be geek about comics, or about socialism. I consider Che Guevarra a socialist geek. Or, like Lia who can talk talk geek about ballpens.
* Geek is more than talk. Geeks usually wants to tweak what is under the hood.
* They would learn every nitty gritty details of a thing/issue/whatnot.
* For me geeks broke apart their stuff. I will not ever consider you a geek unless you jailbreak your iphone, owkei unless you are my friend. And, unless you develop an iphone app. And, if you do the actual jailbreaking.
* Just because you have all the gadgets does not translate you to a geek. Maybe it can be called as tech consumer geek, but as I mentioned unless you break and tweak all the gadgets you bought, you remain to be a consumer/fan in my eyes.
* And, if you can create instead of just tweak — you are geeker.
* Geeks see different use cases for a gadget.

One of my pet peeve is people who call themself geek just because they acquire all the gadgets. Geez, you can not buy your way to geekness.

Whatever. I sound bitter.