be thankful when you don’t know what you’re doing

We all heard about researches conducted about the problem solving ability between graduate people and kindergarten kids, where the kindergartens do better for the reason that they can be more creative because they have no pre-conceived idea of how to solve a problem. So kindergarten would wander into any solution, until they would hit on some thing. While the graduate people may get stuck into just using a set of solution they know of.

I get thinking about this because of an incident in my life. Sorry, it’s another story about my life since I only know about my life. =) Any way, I just find it funny that I got a few congratulatory ‘remarks’ for @tweetitow. It’s something that can be categorized as something i/we don’t know what we’re doing about. I did some recalling of how it started, I think it was when I threw some prank challenge at Mark because I got frustrated with other services.

Many times, I/we thought of just taking it off because it’s giving us unnecessary stress. Imagine having to wake up at the middle of the night just to fix it, or being away from the city, and you’ll get messages where are their tweets because it went down. Anyhoo, really, it’s unnecessary stress. But for some unknown reason, it survives.

@tweetitow was created without a goal. So when a few would send us congratulations, I can’t help but feel what are they for. It did not reach any matrix or goal or whatever. It’s just there surviving, to be played on when mark is bored. And, when I’m bored, I’d try to analyze human dynamics in there.

So I kind of feel bothered why I cannot appreciate the congratulations for @tweetitow. I guess it is because I don’t have any barometer for success. One barometer is money. I guess it’s the popular way to check if you are successful or not. Since, it is not earning, you really have no way to measure if it’s doing great or not.

So I look at Mark, why does he keep tweaking on it when it’s not getting any money? Anyway, after some thinking, I kind of realize that when you don’t know what you are doing. You don’t have a picture of what’s the end game. You just keep on doing whatever you can think of, keep on pushing it. You only have yourself to satisfy. The problem with yourself is that it never gets satisfied. So once you kind of satisfied, you will always feel there is more to it, and more to it, and more to it. Then, you’d realize you’re already being crazy.

There’s that popular comparison between Gates and Jobs. How Jobs is more dangerous because he is lunatic, while Gates is more driven by money. If you read Jobs made-up life story, he is one insecure man. He has an insatiable thirst to prove his self — some would say because he is an orphan.

By money means, @tweetitow is such a losing case. But I guess one of the reason that it still survives, because it has the insatiable drive to prove that it can survive against all odds (owkei, I just made this up). Geezz, I hope it can give me a telco! =)

So when some would ask how it earned, or what’s its business model for it. My Miss Universe answer is, ‘It earn friends.” =)))

But seriously, I wish @tweetitow can inspire people to create. =) That you really do not need to know and have every thing prep up to be ‘successful.’ And, oh, don’t even think about being ‘successful’ — I don’t think it’s a good motivator.