6th Year Anniversaries: Migi as a Son, & I as a Mother

Migi will be 6 next week. And, it means that it will be my 6th year as a mother. What happen???

My random thoughts.

Age to mother

I gave birth at age 24. At that time, I felt 24 was already ‘old’ though ‘older’ people kept telling me I was a very young mother. Now, I’m the ‘older people.’ When I see women giving birth before 30’s, now it’s my turn to feel they are too young.

I guess it’s because when we experienced parenting, we’d see it’s not definitely easy, and so we’d feel it’s not for ‘kids.’ But I guess, no one is really prepared for parenting. Whatever your age will be in, there’s always the shock when you enter parenting.

Young vs Old

In our circle of friends, I guess Mark and I were like the first to enter producing babies. So while our friends were busy enjoying their single life, we were busy getting pregnant and raring babies.