when I’m writing, I’m f*cking

(Please insert name of sexy celebrity when you read the title)

A lottttt (of exaggeration) of people are telling me I ‘can’ write. I don’t believe them but during desperate times, I believe them.

You know in times of being jobless, I sometimes think why not make money from this ‘writing’ – make a better use of my mental garbage. I tried that but I stopped. After some deep analysis, I realized that writing for me is like sex. As much as possible, we don’t like to pay or be paid for sex.

Sometimes, I also think of going to school to learn about grammar, sentence structure, and such to improve my ‘writing’ skill. But just like sex, we could not really bother much about proper positioning, timing and such, right? I learn to write just like how I learn sex — it’s all about intuition and feeling, then add some screaming and shouting and loudness — you have an orgasmic piece already.

Well, it may not be an orgasmic experience to the readers, but at least it is for me.

Safe sex at its best.