Sinulog Dance and Prayer

This is the last part of my downtown story. In between walking from one surplus shop to another, I passed by Sto Nino Church. You know that scene when you enter the gate, there will be those ‘manangs’ selling candles and offer a free Sinulog dance/prayer for you. So I thought of getting one of the Manang’s service. I bought one color of each candles, which each color represents for something.

She then proceeded to the entrance of the church, and did the dance and chant-like prayer. I wanted to add a request of prayer so I tried to get closer to her, and was able to hear what she was praying for me. I was taken aback, when I heard her something like,

‘Please guide her with her studies. Please help her finish her schooling. Guide her to become a good child (bootan nga bata).’

Her prayer went along that theme. I kinda feel cheated, but then at the same time I also felt happy for being mistaken as a student. This is not the 1st time that happen so weeehhh. As long as I’m not mistaken as a doctorate student, I think I’m fine with it.

On the other thought, I guess we are always student, always learning.

So lesson of the day, the shortcut to talking to God can be tricky. Better do it yourself. =)

Thank God for guiding my way around downtown, Cebu. =)