religion zealot turned sour bear gummies

I felt I sounded like a religious zealot lately, always nitpicking, always finding faults here and there. I’m like those radio commentators who sounded like it’s me or the highway who will one day fell flat on his face.

Last week was like I fell flat on my face. I went to UPCEBU to hopefully do the walk that I’d been blaaahhh-ing for sometime already. I was hoping to enroll to Public Health Management graduate program. But then they’re not accepting any applicants for 2 years as the program is undergoing some review whatever. So, yaah, I felt bad that things did not turn out as I plan it to be. But I’m not going to talk about it.

I decided to just for once forget about those ‘world-changing’ churva. It’s making me more boring than credit card agents. So I stopped any thing that is not natural to me, any thing that requires too much brain cells to be understood like such.

kris aquino

I go back to things I’m natural at, showbiz/chismis and those cheap dirt fun (I sound like a zealot again). I resurrected my fakekrisaquino blogsite but with another purpose. I made it last year just to ditch artistas. I created that with the thought of making money from ads — you know how celebrity chismis always gets you high hits (good for making money from ads). But I stopped it because after some time, it left a bad taste. I mean it’s fun and all, you have lots of hits. But when you have kids, you will think differently — for the good, hopefully.

I stopped dissing on artistas because I thought what if one day, one of my kids will be artista. Despite how bad they can be, it will not feel good for me as their mother. So yes, golden rule “Do not do unto others what you do not like others to do unto your kids.” I could probably take the karma if it’s aimed on me, just please not on my kids. So to the corrupt peope, if you are not afraid to be hit by karma, be afraid if it will be aimed at your kids.

Fake kris aquino because I love kris aquino. I tried to analyze why Kris Aquino is such a character we all love to love and hate. I guess it’s because she is very show-off, and vulgar. We hate show-off people, but we also love to know what people have (what’s up with us humans?). That’s probably the reason why we cannot hate Kris. I guess Kris lacks a part in her brain which controls the ‘show-offness’ or probably it’s turned off. Because she is natural at it. There are people who tried to be Kris but they just ended being hated, unlike Kris who is both loved and hated.

I revisited those gossip sites which served my main disses before. Some of the reasons I got why Kris-James break up:
* james rude/derogatory remarks against Kris
* he has ‘impregnated’ someone young sexy and rich (???)
* james requested Kris to have his sibling’s US visa be approved (what the???)
* there’s that james handed resumes of his relatives to Kris
* james got mad that Kris did not approve to let him visit his province because james’ relative does not support Noynoy
* james relationship with Josh turned sour
* there’s also the angle that Chiz escudero is the 3rd party. Honestly, I kinda like the idea. Kris can provide some meat to Chiz’s all-talk.
And, that at the end, their marriage is not valid in the first place. Isn’t it just the perfect bestseller showbiz story?

I hope after their break-up, Kris can share some of her brain properties to James. But unfortunately, it looks like Kris’ brains was part of their prenuptial agreement that cannot be conjugal property.


Girls love fashion. I don’t know why but as a girl, automatically, I’m supposed to also love fashion.

Like this one, this is fashion.
Another one, from
Aside from the celebrity blogs, I browsed fashion blogs. After some time, I could not get why girls have to be pictured like that — in a pose like that.  Owkei, I gave up. They won, they make me feel envious. The sadder thing about that is that the only feeling they invoke from me is envious. They’re suppose to make me love fashion, right?

Whatever, I’m a zealot again.