picking up the bits

Kind of frustrated that I have not done much today. I was suppose to ‘farm’ a few ‘contents’ and tick off some to-do list in my mind before they evaporate to thin air today but @tweetitow was acting up. I had to do the customer support — a few frustrated users and thankfully most I guess just get used to the unstability of it. Gawd, I sometimes just wish to just quit that stuff. It sometimes caused unnecessary stress.

And, I kind of not like how I react to stress. My gums would swell, and then comes next the pain. Then, discomfort in my ears.

Today, I was supposed to announce here the official launching of my Pinoy Romance eNovel shop, post a review of my self-made-up ‘novel,’ interview the author and publisher who are both me. So hopefully the ‘gana’ will not evaporate, and I can post the review and interview of myself. Don’t I just love internet — I can be whoever I want. Who cares that I am actually an earthworm — very organic.

Atoms vs Bits

After my last hired job, I plan to continue selling wooden toys (atoms) and farm contents (bits) which hopefully can pay me through the masters (which is postponed for now). I just like to use the words — atoms & bits. =) I had done them before, but I stopped them, so now I’m picking up the bits again.

You know that content farming — where you publish stuff for free on the net and then splash your site with ads to earn from it, or sell your ‘audience’ with other stuff. So if I ‘publish’ novels (it’s novel ha, even if it’s brain-dumbing) for free online, I will then sell you bookmarks or signed autographs with my picture in it or you will get me to give you a talk and you will pay me for that. As the Free book (Free International Edition: The Future of a Radical Price)said, in the world wide web, ATTENTION is the currency. You see that link, I’m now selling on the side. =)

So aside from that fakekrisaquino content farm, the other farm I plant to pick up again is that tech blog — techboba.com. But tech blog kinda needs much more time and also ‘attention’ from me. Unlike in fakekrisaquino and romance novels, I can just let my mind wander and voila there it spit out bits of info. I need to do research and such for tech blog. I mean though it’s kinda monkey business but might as well do it well.

I guess my point is that you can always go on business or get a work without much money involved, just use the internet and computer lying around. And, a dash of imagination and a bit of effort. Time is money though so pick something that you like which is worth your time.