Kindle at Php6,500 – not bad

No question that the experience you get reading from a real book is way way way better than from an ebook reader like kindle. If I have to choose between the convenience of kindle and carrying around heavy books, I would still go for the heavy books.

The good thing about kindle is that it makes ‘good’ or rare books more accessible to us in the Philippines in a cheaper way. I mean we can always order real books from amazon or other international bookstores, but you have to deal with shipping fees, taxes, and carriers. So with kindle, you can go away with those extra fees.

So I kind of fancy getting ‘my own’ kindle when I saw Amazon introduces the Kindle Wireless Reading Device, Wi-Fi, 6 which is priced at around Php6,500. Then, shipping from Johnny Air is I think around Php800. This newly introduced model is cheaper I guess because it is wifi-only, instead of 3G. Bytheway, the 3G feature, in other kindle models, is already free when you use it (I mean it’s not totally free because you buy books, and amazon probably add it to the kindle’s price). But you know, you no longer need to go to globe/smart/sun just to make your 3G work. By the way, kindle has built-in web browser, though in black and white, so it means if you have the 3G version, you can browse anywhere for ‘free.’

dx & kindle small 3g versions

Owkei, this is a test post. That kindle link is amazon affiliate/associate, whatever you call it.