in search of a non-computing device

This is the 2nd part of my downtown adventure. AFter NSO, I look around for surplus shops and furniture shops where I can find a sewing machine. Because Mr Google is not much help when finding those cheap stuff in Colon, I need to do some real search in the real world.

It’s been something I really want to have years ago for no particular reason. I’m no fan of haute couture, but I just sometimes could not understand the price tags of kurtina and habol. I kind of thought, it’s not really that hard to run threads on some patches of cloth. I know how to pedal a sewing machine thanks to our ‘haute couture’ dressmaker neighbor back in BAdian. So maybe when I have a sewing machine and some cloth, I can figure my way out of it.

Google can not match the information I got from the side street smarts. So they pointed me to a PhilJap Surplus Shop. It’s just also in the vicinity of NSO, somewhere there. The place is totally a junk shop of goodies from Japan. It’s probably the source of all surplus shops in Cebu City (exagge). They just pile up all the stuff they have. So they have these sewing machines in their some kind of attic with no lights. And, you are left alone to pick out from the piles which you want to buy.

I guess with some cleaning up, these machines will come out pretty. But it looks like I need a degree in electronics and masteral in dressmaking to make something out of them. In short, wa ko kasabot sa ako nakit-an. They’re priced at P2000. I’m not sure if it’s good deal or not.

If you are interested with surplus stuff, I think PhilJap is good place to start from. Their contact # is 2539933.

Then, I asked around for 5J’s because they are popular for surplus goods. But their store across PhilJaps is already closed. They have a new store which as across MCWD, near Cebu City Hall. But they’re renamed to HMR. But too bad, they do not have sewing machines. =(

From Downtown, Cebu

I also tried the ‘store’ across USJR which they recommended to me. I was expecting it is some big appliance store, but it’s just actually a ‘street vendor’ selling surplus machines on the sidewalk. His goods look like they also came from PhilJaps. The advantage of it is that his stock are cleaned-up, and probably fix and are on working condition. The price is already double — at P4500.

I also checked a Singer shop, somewhere near CEC. And, ECHO electronics shop. If you’re born in the time when Cebu had no malls yet, and Colon is the big thing, you are most probably familiar with ECHO store. So brand new singer sewing machine is between P8000-9000 — the ‘mano2x’ style.

After that long story, I’m still unsure of this craft in the hand pursuit.