how my ‘student look’ got me a 50% discount off?

The story I previously posted about the Candle vendor who mistook me for a student reminds me of an event way back when I was just a fresh college graduate.

My Nanay was a public school teacher. Just months I graduated from college, she had a stroke which paralyzed half of her body. She was just one year away from retiring when that happened. To cut story short, she retired with mountains of debts, as you know how it is for some/most of public school teachers. And, since she retired early, the retirement pay she got from GSIS was not that big. Not big enough to cover all our loans. =) (So I do ask for our government to please increase the public teacher’s salary, and not just the number of classrooms.)

So when she received her retirement pay, since I’m an only child, I was tasked to trace all her loans and paid them. Looking back at it, it was like the darkest day of my life which I find it now funny. So anyway, after I was able to pay all the different small-time loans, I was left with only one loan but was the biggest amount. I think it was P80t for a 20t principal loan but because of penalties and such, it went up that high. And, I only had around 50t left. Thrilling. My nanay’s friends were advising me to ask for amnesty and such, and gave me tips on how to lower the amount.

I was praying the whole time I was on my way to the bank from Badian, and thinking of different ways to haggle for my case. So finally when I met the manager, I told him my sad story and all the tagalog drama I could think of. Then, we got to the point when he asked me about how I cope up with my studies (I was a fresh college graduate at that time already) — light bulb moment. That’s when I laid down all my dramatic talents, and told him that I was a 3rd year education student of UV. How sad that when I’m almost to graduate, I had to stop. Then, I continued it with something that after my nanay would recover, I would do my best to find a job to support my studies. And, it was complete with tears — Judy Ann style. My story was fake, but I believe my emotions and tears were true. I consider it a white lie so I’m not really that bad.

The manager then sympathized with me, and promised me that he’d try his best to lower the amount. So he called someone from the phone, probably the owner of the bank. After the call, he kind of apologized that he could only get a permission for a 40t discount. So I ended up paying half the original payable amount. So my drama paid.

Funny. I never find it funny before. But I find it funny now — hilarious. I guess I looked convincing, but in fairness, I did not deceive them to ‘profit.’

Thus, I’m scared of loans. Our current financial status is more than scary. But when I remember that incident, no bank can scare this face.

Oh life! =) How the drama in the past can be a comedy in the future. So always give your best especially in dramas.