Family planning talk with Meg

Meg was watching me cleaned up mati’s puke. We had this little conversation over puke that went something like:

Me: Meg, ig naa na ka baby, ikaw jud maglimpyo sa suka.
Meg: O.
Me: Kanus-a man ka mag baby?
Meg: Ig dako nako.
Me: Pila man nya kabook imo baby?
Meg: One lang.
Me: Ngano one man lang?
Meg: Kuyawan ko.
Me: Di diay ka ganahan parehas ni mama – 3 kabook?
Meg: Di ko. Kuyawan ko ana daghan. Mag play lang nya ako baby ni Mat.

Owkei, it looks like my 4-year old daughter knows more about life & practicality than me. I thought that maybe because I’m an only child, I never had an idea how it is to belong in a big family. All I see is that big family seems to be always festive. So I thought it is easy to have plenty of kids. Unlike with Meg who sees how it is to have parents who have plenty of kids to attend to.
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