conversations over coffee

I have this new ‘form’ at my sidebar where you can talk to me any thing that bothers you about love, life, sex, and any thing other than sex.

Money problems, come to me. I can give you tips about lottery/masiao/jai-alai winning number combinations. I can also show you how get rich quick online.

Looking for partner-in-life, no worries. I will show you the road to single blessedness joy and acceptance.

Employment opportunities, I will create a job for you but don’t expect it comes with salary package.

Health issues, no sweat. I’ll teach you how to use Google to self-diagnose.

DECS/DOH, you are also free to get me as a consultant for your sex education curriculum.

This is now your chance to get help from a real expert, so go and talk to Mama Rose. I promise, this is better than having conversations with your friends over some overpriced coffee.