1st Step to Becoming a Jetsetter

NSO Birth Certificates
The NSO Cebu City office was closed before. I’m happy that it is now again open because it is way cheaper to get it from their office personally than through online or phone. Getting your birth certificate via online/phone costs P300, compared to going to their office which is only P140. I guess if you only need 1 birth certificate, it probably is more practical to get it via online because plus the fare and time you need to invest in going to the NSO office — you might end up spending more than 300.

But in my case, I need to get 5 certificates because we are that big of a family.

Contrary to popular belief, it is not really that bad. I guess I spend 2 hours to finish the process. But I still have to go back there because I did not wait for the releasing of birth certificates, which, according to their advisory posted, might take 2 hours. So if you want to get an NSO birth Certificate the old-fashioned way, you might need to spend half-day for it.

Step 1, do not be deceived with that sign. For some reason, I do not know to what the arrow is pointing at.

First step is actually getting inked. Find the guard, and he will stamped you, which is like a blessing that you can enter the kingdom of NSO.
But the real 1st step is do not let the line and crowd intimidate you. When I saw the crowd of people, my instinct was telling me to back-out and just get it online. But I’m already there, no use of backing off.

The NSO office in Cebu City is located somewhere near CSAT (it’s Cebu Technical University now). Sorry, I’m not good with street names, but it is somewhere there. =) (I now sound like an infomercial)