swimming in the sea of papers and thoughts

Mark has been asking me for the nth time to process his passport, and since I’m off the work-hook, I dug into our treasure chest of papers to find those NSO and stuff to prove he is Mark John Buenconsejo and such such.
The sh*tload of papers accumulated thru our 6yrs of marriage,... on Twitpic
Looking at the piles of papers, I could not believe we accumulated that much papersss in our 6 years of marriage, 3 childbirths, and debtssss.

It is like how each major events in our lives entails papers and papers. Right before you get married, you already have to deal lists after lists of requirements for marriage license — one set for the government, and another set for the church.

Then, you got pregnant — papers of ultrasounds and laboratory tests. Then, when you give birth, another set of paper work for that — from philhealth, to SSS, to the registry, to the baptismal. Then those precious baby books and immunization records. So multiply it by 3 in our case.

Then, kids go to school — that’s another story of paper works.

Then, there’s the time we loan for a car. In our case, we had to deal with mountains of papers just to prove that we can pay from one bank to another.

Then, came another loan — housing loan. Another round of proving we can pay. With pag-ibig, they need ITR, not bank statements. So just to get a house — we need to work from registering a business in BIR, to working on all kind of taxes, deed of sales, transferring of names — xerox here and there.

Maybe, for marriage, church and government should also require couples to submit papers to prove they can ‘pay’ before they will be given license. And, so with getting pregnant, parents should also submit papers to prove they can afford to breed.

Back to passports, I find it a bit pathetic that at this age, we still do not have one. Probably because I’m just not the type of person who really loves to travel. Of course, I fancy traveling but it is not something I really look forward to in this life time, not as much I want to try different mobile OS.

So goodluck to my coming NSO, government offices, and paper adventures. Tips for the newbie are welcome.