Rip-off Designing Series: The ADD Pattern in Registration Process of Social Sites

I’m probably saying this again and again, we will be creating the online registration/sign-up for @tweetitow to comply with twitter’s new policy — they now require 3rd-party applications to sign-up via their OAuth. Sorry, I do not know how to explain the details of it. But to give you a picture of it, once OAuth is implemented, your tweets will then have that ‘via @tweetitow’ instead of ‘via API.’

In the designer world, I am not a DESIGNER. But this is internet, and I am a kindergarten kid so I can be what I want to be. So let’s use our untapped talent, mimicking, copycatting how the pro’s do it. =)

So I’m tackling the first part (because there will be other parts hopefully), which is, REGISTRATION (or some call it sign-up, create account or etc) to @tweetitow. I guess depending on how you look at it, the designing of landing page can also be the first step. But you can also argue that planning about the GOAL of your application is the first step. Or, building relationship with the community can also be the first. And, you can still argue, that there are still more firsts before those first steps. Have it your way, kindergartens. =)

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