Rip-off Designing: Comfortable is Beautiful

There are already quite a number of members in @tweetitow community. I thought it would be much easier to ‘design’ the website when you have actually real users in mind, but it turns that I find it a bit complicated. Because there are diverse types of users of @tweetitow, from pre-pubescent to probably late 30’s. So we have to design for different personalities, from the tech-savvy to not-so-tech savvy, to justine beiber fans,??rx fans,??kpop fans, jabawockeez fans, david archie fans, david cook fans, miley cyrus fans, the pbb fans, mariel rodriguez fans, etc to socio-politically active persons, and to those ‘private’ persons.

Designing (web) is not much different from beauty contests where if asked what is beautiful, the answer will be —simple is beautiful. But then both beautiful and simple are subjective so saying make your design simple so it will be beautiful is next to useless.

If it is to fashion, I’m a jeans-and-shirt person. It’s not because it is simple, and therefore beautiful. But because it is comfortable. So let’s go for that design for comfort.

; while Simple is Beautiful but Complicated