Our minimalist house

Thanks to ate elsi. If not for her, this house will never have a wall clock.

My MIL is been complaining how off the wall clock looks on our very bare hospital-white wall. Yaa, it’s off and so is the rest of the parts of our house, and same goes to the residents. =) So it’s not something we give a care.

If it will just be up to me, I’m not going to have any piece of furniture that will block my site. I want a very bare house, Japanese-ish. I even think of putting some strings to our furniture so if they will not be in use, I can pull up the string and hang them up in the ceiling.

I think my ‘hanging furniture’ design will be a hit in the Philippines with how subdivision houses are cutely designed. Anyhoo, I’m not going to make diskurso about ‘ridiculous’ (dog) housing projects prices in the Philippines.

So back to the wall clock, after some time looking at it, I thought *it just lacks G O G L E, and our wall looks like the google’s search engine website – minimalist.*
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