Meg: Ngano sige man ka (Why you always) work work work work, ‘pa?

The Meaning of U in 1010

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You can find the answer to the title of this post from the 2nd to last slide from the above slideshare. (I love slideshare, lots of interesting stuff in there.) It’s cheesy and all.

I gave that ‘talk’ twice already, and I do not have a written version of it so I think what’s in the slideshare is already different from how I ‘talked’ about it. I am a very shy person so it was tons of courage to be talking to people other than myself. All for my Ted speaker future. =)

I love this picture, I look like a teacher. =)
Back to the title, Meg pops that question when Mark leaves for work on days when she wants to be a drama queen. And, Mark always do not know what answer to give. Using the ‘so papa can buy milk and food for Meg’ is getting old, and kids never buy that.

On my 29th birthday this year, I am very grateful for that. That Mark has  a work that does not only provides us with food and shelter, but also somehow is making a difference in a little way to others. =)

And, I’m thankful also that finally I kind of understand the ‘meaning of life.’ But the greater challenge is that if I can live in that ‘doing meaningful things.’

After my short stint at Caresharing, I have this urge to go and study to become a programmer. But after some thoughts, I realize that there are already a lot of great technologies out there. But unfortunately, it does not make any sense to the people who are really in need. I mean, you know iphone/android and what you have is soo cool, but I’m not sure how it solves real problems.

So some light bulb moments, I thought that there is a disconnect between technology and real users. Therefore, I ditch my ‘programmer plan,’ and from then on I want to be an ambassador of technology. =) Yaa, whatever that means, I’m a kindergarten. My new role is to connect people to the right technology. And, to do that I really have to go out and do the real ‘socialization.’

I had a talk with my friend T yesterday about me wanting to try NGO/the ambassador of goodwill career/mrs gates kind of level, and my being apprehensive about it. I’m not really sure if I can do it. I’m not sure if I’m emotionally ready for that. Then, she asked me why I’m always like that when I talk about that plan. It was not my first time I brought it up with her. And, she told me something that I must find something I really love.

It got me thinking that probably the reason why I don’t want to do the ambassador thing is because I don’t really love it. It is probably just something I came up with because it is what I feel the right thing to do.

But scratching more, what is love? Love is about letting go, and it’s about being selfless. So another light bulb moment. I realized that if you want to have that ‘meaning of life,’ there is no guarantee of financial reward from it. And, I guess that is something I’m not really sure I can let go of.

I have kids and parents to think of. How about the bigger house, the more cars, that fat savings account? I’m not sure I will ever get them if go up in the mountains and promote human wellness

Can I be Mrs. Bill Gates, never mind if my husband is ugly and freaky looking. On the other thought, I do have slightly better looking but still freaky husband. The only thing missing is the bottomless bank account.

So, to be an ambassador of goodwill or not? A comfortable life, or meaningful life? =)))