Is there a real reason to worry about our kids’ future? & ‘educational plan’ should be renamed to ‘tuition plan’

I think kids are smart enough to figure it out on their own. Seniority doesn’t make us more smarter. Whatever we know now may be obsolete in their time. Being a parent does not give us the right to know better than them. Parents should not underestimate their kids, and not overestimate their being parents.

Of course, I’m not saying parents cannot advise their kids. But note that advice is does not mean ‘impose,’ or the absolute rule.

This thought – about parents and kids – came up when Mark jokingly told me to talk about educational plan instead of my non-sense blahs. I’m sorry but I don’t believe in educational plan. Because aside from it is not reliable. ‘Education’ is not something you can buy off the shelf, from an insurance plan who I think has not even have built a school, nor ‘educate’ children. It is to say that having an insurance plan does not mean your kids ‘education’ is already insured. It should be renamed to ‘tuition insurance’ because you’re only insured of tuition, not education.