Crazy/Love Friday at Caresharing

They have this ‘Crazy Friday’ thing at Caresharing.

Crazy Part
The usual thing you can expect from it is sharing of something interesting. Last Friday, it was @jjlumagbas expense tracker. If you are OC with your budget, it is something you will love. Tracking your expenses is as dead simple as texting. But not yet available for public.

JJ’s back (sorry, bad photographer)

Love Part
The celebration of love for Ador and Rose. I’ve known Ador way back college, way before I knew Mark. There was a time, he used to hang out at our room in BG to play that super mario-like game. So if you talk about Ador, the first thing I can associate with him is computer GAMES — any kind of games he will play it — from the 1001 nintendto cartridge to timezone to whatever game is on your PC. So to know him be ‘in a relationship’ status is something to celebrate.

Ador, God must love you soo much. =)

I and we are all happy for both Ador and Rose. =)

More bad pics from me, here.