comatose wife with ADD

I just want to slack and not feel bad about it. I’m not asking for too much, right?

I waited for migi and meg yesterday at their school because they do not have carpool. Overheard at the school yesterday while waiting for migi and meg:

Mom: Makahuman jud ko mga 3 ka movies, before ko moari diri balik sa skuylahan magkuha nila. Naa man ko 2 ka helper so wa ko lain buhaton, adto ra sa kwarto mag tan-aw TV.

She was happy relating the story. Based from what I eavesdropped, her husband is working overseas. While she is here taking care of their kids, and getting busy with their homeworks.

At the school yesterday, a flock of moms driving those mini vans arrived during the dismissal time to fetch their kids. Every thing seems to work in a very efficient systematic process. Not much hassle, not much stress.

They all are happy. Why cannot I accept that fate? Blame it on my ADD, but that kind of routine makes me feel like a comatose wife.

Sorry my being ungrateful, and no, I’m not being judgmental — I certainly have no idea what they are going through. Just my ADD creating stories that cannot match that of Kris Aquino’s.

On the side note, I now know how to pose to appear sexy — like those sexy delicious headshots on facebook. I did study that, and the secret is just to show a little of your flesh, focus on that, and leave off the other parts of your body that does not make any sense. =) Makailad na.