anti-father’s day post?

When looking at ads promoting father’s day? I wonder if these ad makers ever consider those who do not have father?

Every time I read posts about cherish your father, about be grateful that your father is still alive, blahblah, I always feel guilty. Those kind of posts always make me feel guilty for the reason that I cannot feel those emotions. They made me feel how bad a daughter I am for not feeling any gratefulness of having an alive father.

On the other hand, as I mentioned before, I have no negative/ill feelings towards my father. I never have that feeling of abandonment of not having a father around. I also do not feel less or incomplete. Call me denial or what. But I guess how can I feel something, negative or positive, for an experience I never have.

It makes me think whoever invented ‘father’s day or mother’s day or whatever day’ ever thought about how this ‘day’ would affect those people who happen to not have father/mother or whoever. Or to the father/mother who happen to left their children — they definitely have their reasons which let’s just respect them as is. Same goes to the mother/father who cannot bear a child. Can I consider it rubbing salt to the wound?

Add to that the media who always portray kids from ‘broken family’ (father/motherless) as having such a bad fate. You know how they always make us drug addicts, out-of-school youths, and so-so such unfortunate kids because we’re ‘abandoned’ in their movies or stories. Mark and I and some couple of friends belong to this category, and I could say we are normal. Of course, we probably have ‘issues’ but who does not have one.

My point is just that let us not get so hang-up with the thought that complete/incomplete family unit can make or break us. Let us not use it as an excuse that we are at a disadvantage because we happen to have a minus-1 or more family.

To you and us, if you encounter people like me, no need to pity on us because we really do not know what we miss, not until you point it out to us.

Don’t take me seriously. I may just be bitter. Something happen yesterday that made me write this.