About – WorkSmart CardioTrainer

Welcome to CardioTrainer by WorkSmart Labs! CardioTrainer is a next-generation mobile fitness application that can be your virtual training partner for running, biking, hiking, skiing or just about any outdoor activity you can imagine.

Just install CardioTrainer on your Android phone, start it, get outside and go! CardioTrainer will use GPS to show your real-time position on a map, and also save your exact route, so you can review it later in your Track History.

Additionally, CardioTrainer can upload your run to our servers, so that you can access it from anywhere in the world. We don’t require any registration or account setup, and the tracks are uploaded completely anonymously with an automatically generated personal access code that you can find in the Settings menu on your phone.

CardioTrainer also features Facebook integration, so if you are a Facebook user, simply select “Install Facebook App” from the homepage, and your uploaded tracks will be automatically shown to your friends on Facebook. Commit to a goal, and let your friends and family track your training progress and encourage you to keep going!

CardioTrainer is currently in beta, and we are working hard to fix any bugs and add many more features.

Questions? Comments? Bug reports? We would love to hear from you.
E-mail us at about@worksmartlabs.com

The rare good-looking apps in Droid Marketplace. I knew about this from http://kommein.com/cardiotrainer-for-droid-geeky-fitness/. I want to try it but the thing is it needs data plan. I’m not sure if do I really need to pay just to record my exercise. But let me see.