squeezing me

I want to force myself to post here not via laptop because laptop is unreliable — it’s old. it’s slow — like I’m already in the end of the paragraph but it’s still processing, displayingthe start of the paragraph. or, it gets boinkers after I wrote 500words — I just want to strangle it.

I’m trying the mobile-thing but the ‘experience’ is just totally different. it’s probably like sex with condoms. for me mobile is only good for passive consumption — like twitter’s 140char,facebook’s newsfeeds, quick updates.

I guess it is also because I associate multiply with a desktop/laptop. you know how humans are creatures of habits.

and, really it’s a pain to be reflective when I can only see 2-3 lines of what I’m writing. to which I will talk about the 2 most important element in an application for me — guide & feedback. with just 2 lines of my ‘post’ displaying – feedback not that good which makes me feel lost — guide not good. guide & feedback is not only applicable in applications, but in different aspects of our life. thus we are naturally inclined to choose the path that is more travelled — we are guided, we already know what to expect.

funny how I ended up talking about totally different thing because of a bit ‘frustration’ about updating multiply via mobile.

I was supposed to talk about HOME – how home for me before was badian. being there kind of not the home for me anymore (went home to badian Sunday). my home now is different. home for me now is briza. it made me think that one of these days – this briza home will not be the home for my kids. it might be the apartment they would share with their friends, the home they will be makin with their own ‘family.’

it’s painful to think of but it is something that I have to expect and accept. can this be an example of a different feedback – the feedback is different from the parent’s input/expectation that’s why it canbe upsetting.

I think I can only go up to here. there are 101 things I want to blahblah but 2-line of entry displaying = frustrating instead of joyful. =(