i’m not for underdogs, i am for unpopular (dick/bf)

I’m apathetic when it comes to politics. The last time I was passionate about election was during ERAP time. I swear to myself, I will no longer claim Filipino citizenship if ERAP would win. ERAP won, and I’m still Filipino.

When I would tell others to vote for dick and bf, they would usually ask me why they should vote for Dick Gordon & Bayani Fernando. I could not give them clear tangible answers because I only follow my gut feelings.

Mark accused me once that I’m having an ‘underdog’ sympathy syndrome. And, for a moment, I kind of question myself — was I just being sympathetic to the underdogs. I cannot accept it because that’s a very stupid reason to give to my country. And, definitely, not a good reason to convince others to vote for dick gordon & BF, not even myself.

But I argue, I’m not fond of dick & bf because they are underdogs. I might as well go for Nicolas Perlas if underdog-ness is the basis. 

I guess one problem why I cannot pin point why I really go for these 2 guys is because Cebu & Luzon are quite world’s apart, plus they are not really the type who hog the media. Or it is because i do not read news. The only social issue I am very aware of is the social network sites. (corny)

So let me tackle first, why Bayani Fernando?

I was already waiting for him last presidential election to run as vice-president. But I think GMA chose Noli as he is more popular over BF. Anyhoo, I was not a registered voter last elections.

If you talk about Bayani, it is always the MMDA I can connect to him. I believe in the idea behind MMDA. Of course, there are always unfavorable issues from it plus the media always focus on the negative side of MMDA, thus it takes a lot of will power and guts to implement the MMDA projects. And, I salute BF on that. So, I’m voting for BF because of his will power, who is not afraid to be put on the bad light, in the hope to make this country move forward.

Why Dick Gordon?

When we talk about Gordon, I’m always bring back to my grade school memories of watching news about Subic and Olongapo, and the US Base. He was always on news at that time. Subic/Olongapo was always on the news at that time. And, I was always at awe of how different their place from the rest of the Philippines.

But other than these childhood memories, I really cannot think of other things why Gordon. As I’ve said, I’m quite detached with reality since I graduated. Working from one BPO to another BPO, i somehow get lost in contact with the reality of Philippines.

But what sealed the deal for me with Gordon is when I heard him answer saying something that he will not remove EVAT even if it means he will lose votes by saying that for the reason that our country badly need that. With all the political aspirants playing safe on sticky issues — Gordon is not afraid to be bold and pull the trigger. We badly need that. We have too many playing-safe government officials — it is time we have someone who is not afraid to go down and get dirty.

His statement about EVAT gets my respect for him. Ralph Recto lost in last election because he authored that bill. (Yes, i am voting for Ralph recto.) So making that statement means Gordon has the BALLS. And, yes, I am pro EVAT. Because despite people complaining the people’s taxes goes to the corrupt officials, I still have faith that those or part of those EVAT money goes to the sick patients of sotto, to the teachers in the far-flung mountains, to those dedicated barangay healthcare givers, to the books and classrooms in schools, and to UP.

So, now I’m able to pinpoint why I’m for Dick Gordon and Bayani Fernando because they are not afraid to be unpopular. I’m fed up with all the smooth talking that leads to nothing. I have enough of people taking advantage of people’s fondness of ‘simpatiko pilipino.’

To the suitors, I have too many balloons and chocolates. I need depthness!