5 days of my birthday week

The past months, and especially these weeks were like one big swoosh to me. I felt years have already passed me with the happenings in my life lately, the drama last week and the surprise this week.

Monday — I was still dizzy with the happenings from last week.

Tuesday — my birthday. I had binignit, and my relatives from nz and zamboanga so I think that was sweet.

Wednesday — I’m back to being unemployed again. It was a great learning experience. I’m not really going to miss the team because I’ll be seeing them around. And, I should write a story about them — the apple fan boy, the anything-not-apple fan boy, the apple-droid boy, the artist period, and the she-called-her-self-marketing-nazi girl and realized that nazi doesn’t sound so good to put on your about page. I was just with the project 3 months but it felt like years because of the roller coaster ride I had with it.

Thursday — I have a ‘mini talk,’ The Big U in Creating a Product,’ to like 6 people who really had not much choice but to bear with me. And, since I’m unemployed again, I’m now considering of getting into speaking engagements as my next career. Why not? It’s a good start for my 10000 hours to my being TED speaker. I know it was lousy, but kevs. =) But it was with all sincerity, I hope I was able to open up even 1 person’s mind to something new, to unlock human potentials. I love that phrase ‘unlocking human potentials’ — I stole it from somewhere/someone (was it Thomas Edison?).

Friday — and yesterday it was Friday. I got a ‘surprise’ gift from Mark, e-gift, edge gift. How time flies so fast! I’m now 29. Time flies so fast to be meek. BOLD is the new black for us now.
So I’m now like going through a pile of mp3 tracks, choosing what will be the next song I will dance to — a pop song or to some genre I’m not familiar with. I believe I should have the ‘stay-at-home mother’ dance for now, and watch all the weeds series because that show does not require any brain cells to understand. 
For now, back to being a crazy mother to my ‘friends.’