What happen in between?

Or what does not happen in between with my kids?

* Mati turned 2 last february but haven’t brought him to that after-birthday ‘scheduled’ check up with the pedia. I know he’ll have some shots supposed to be — it’s either some booster shot (followup shot sthing) or the flu vaccine. I’m kind of pessimistic with vaccine shots right now. Do they really work? Centuries ago, there were none and I think there is no difference with the quality of life. I’m not being pilosopo. I believe on the advantages of the vaccine shots. It’s just sometimes, ‘scare’ tactics are use to make people get shots instead of ‘education.’ Enough of my bitter self.
* Migi and Meg attended a 2-week tennis clinic. If there is a beginner’s level, they are in the pre-beginner’s level.  I only saw 3 sessions of them. Meg is the usual ‘bulay-og’ self — walking instead of running, and eating/drinking every after ‘hitting’ the ball. =) 
Migi has always that ‘athletic’ potential. Weird, because none of us are really have that ‘athletic’ genes, or maybe there was. He always has that strong grip of himself when he runs and jumps.
With tennis, I saw him once playing tennis alone, bouncing off balls against the wall. And, I could feel my heart is like ‘gikumot’  — mixed emotions of joy and melancholy. I felt that any time, he will be on his own. He will have his own world, that I will not be much part of. 
* Enrollment. One more month, they’ll be back to school. One more year, and I will have a grader. So school costs are tuition fee, books, school supplies, car pool fee, snacks, and endless of it. =)
One time I was asked what’re my kids weakness and strength in school. I’m so baddd at it. I don’t know much. I know meg does not know how to write her name properly but when she is ask to write her name, she will doodle it, jumbling letters like she really know what she’s doing. I think I’m fine with that — A for her effort and for her who-cares-how-i-will-write-my-name attitude. =)
Don’t bother with Migi. He is like ‘i-don’t-know-the-details-but-i-can-do-it-if-i-really-have-to-do-it-and-if-it-interests-me.’