voting for election is like choosing how you want to be robbed

We got into an argument last night, mark being the arrogant as always argued that whatever the outcome of the election it won’t change his life or the lives of the Matimco employees (we were near matimco building that time). He argued that it is useless to be putting much time arguing who is dirty, dirtier, and dirtiest political aspirants. We better channel our energy into doing something more positive for others.
I mean he has a point that most of the time, we decide who to vote for not based on merits but based on who is the lesser evil. And, he also has a point that to the Filipinos who happen to have the basic of a comfortable life will not be much affected with whoever sits in the government. Those in the ‘middle class’ have always the option of leaving this country if things can get really sticky. Or they always have the chance of doing thing without having to depend on the government. So really, election is not a do-or-die for them.
It’s a sad truth that its the marginally poor people who will be greatly affected with the outcome of the election. And, it is a sadder truth that these people are also the one who sell their votes. And, I know we all have that sentiment.
So my vote, as a person with more than 1 option, is not for myself. My vote is for better public hospitals, better schools, a better government for the ‘poor’ people who sell their votes. Yeah, I wish they just cannot vote for once. It’s tiring to see our nation struggle because of that.
I’m speaking like the true wife of gretchen’s tony boy. 
(title idea from @ericzoo’s tweet)