safety or just plain paranoid?

Wurst-Case Scenario? My take on designing a “safe” hot dog. (Washington Post)

A quick jog through a baby store finds item after item protecting kids from things never considered particularly hazardous before: baby knee pads, for instance, providing “the ultimate protection for babies learning to crawl” (according to one brand’s marketing materials). Then there’s the Thudguard, a helmet designed to “lessen the chance of head injury when infants are learning to walk.” That’s right — a helmet for walking. And don’t forget gLovies, disposable children’s gloves that mean “you’ll have one less thing to worry about when you take your toddler into public places lurking with germs.”

At some point in the past generation, a significant part of the parenting public came to believe that crawling, toddling and touching are all too dangerous for a child to attempt without protection.

Parents have always worried about their kids, of course, especially their babies. (And then especially their teenagers, but that’s another story.) My mom even put a string of cloves above my crib to ward off the evil eye.

But this explosion of products and warnings is new. Are children today so much more vulnerable to death and dismemberment than we were? Or are we just more nervous about everything?

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and, that does not exclude me. but really, kids stumble and fall. whoever does not experience such are alien. so chill.