Parenting realization

Despite my claim of being no-newbie to parenting, I realized i really do not much know about parenting. Looking at my mati, now 2 years old, still on feeding bottle makes me wonder when should they be weaned(sp?) off from feeding bottles.

Should I check for that? I stopped reading baby-related sites when i noticed all of them contain the same thing. Conspiracy? But i guess, it is more of they always made me feel inadequate for they always know the right thing to say. I have enough frustrations from myself to be asking more from doctor baby websites.

I don’t sound bitter, right?

It is summer vacation now. After that, migi will be 6 in august. I’m not going to say ‘gosh, i’m old/ageing’ because this time it’s going to sound OA already, Only 19-year olds have the right to whine about getting/feeling old. So back to migi being 6-year olds, still on diapers at night, and on sippy cup — it’s a painful truth to face that I don’t fare well at parenting based on baby books, baby sites, real doctors, and in the real parenting world, the real world, and even those outside the baby rims. And, I don’t have the 23-year old age to use as an excuse that I’m too young to know about parenting.

But I guess, to be ‘pilosopo’ about it, I only need to answer to migi and myself. Denial me much?
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