I’m officially back to work, like work with pay and tax, sss, philhealth deductions. I started last February — so i’m like 2 months already there. But I have not announced it to the world, of course, except to those who knew. I mean I have not tell my multiply account yet because I’m kind of not so proud of how i get the job. So I work in the same office that mark works for. It was no sweat, I did not even have to apply for it. It’s just that weird to  be I working there with Mark there too.

I guess for the reason that the scenario in mark’s office now is totally different. It was not the old environment kind of thing where everybody there happens to be a long-time barkada, there was no formality, and everyone was familiar to everyone.
Anyway, I got the work because I’m probably the most convenient person to get at that time. Or, maybe mark needs some extra cash, and so put me there. =) As for me, I love to learn. For the longest time, I try to detach myself for digging deeper into the world of computer– i always limit myself to multiply, and do some passive web app consumption on the side. But  It’s like if Mark is the smoker, I’m the 2nd-hand smoker. And, after 10 years of having to nod and nod to his daily tech talks, it’s time to scratch deeper. it’s nothing new but this is probably the time that I’m keeping my eyes wide open to learn whatever I can get hold on to. 
But I’m really struggling for the reason that I’m used to pop apps, consumer apps — twitter, social sites, and anything free apps. And, it’s a totally different walk when the application is trying to provide a solution — think accounting application, HR application, those kind of stuff. Though, i had worked with applications for school and HR before but it’s just different this time. I guess for the reason that I got in when every thing just started — from developing to shipping it out. Since everybody is a developer in the team, someone has to do the marketing and the smooth-talking. And, between the developers and I, of course, i have to do that part. Selling twitter and a ‘serious’ application are like miles apart!