Goals: That Killer Headshot for My TED Talk

So I’ll start my story when I got back to work. Yes, I have work, like real work with SSS/tax/philhealth deductions and the works, and also free lunch and free snacks. I did not much talk about it because I work in the same office where mark works. Nepotism it is.

So I’m part of the team that works on a coaching application, Wakulu, which aims to promote human wellness. =) Yes, I just say human wellness. =) By the way, beta version will be out by May, 2010 — for those who wants to (sell) share their passion and talent, please check out Wakulu.
In line with human wellness, my first goal is to have a killer headshot, the one that looks healthy. Lately, I’m talking about health and such, but then I look so not healthy. So I want a headshot something close to that like those of real estate agents, which always have that obligatory ‘hands under the chin pose.’
Because currently, this is my headshot. Minus my name, and this looks like a jail resident.
So I am doing this secret revolutionary exercise, Stairbucks — which was actually created for the WAkulu coaching app — but Iet me reserve that boring part for my TED talk — to achieve that killer headshot.
So aside from my killer headshot goal, following are my other goals:
* by 33, I will teach. So from now on to 33 is my learning stage so that I have something to teach my future ‘students.’ =) I think I’ll definitely make a kick-ass teacher. =) I love myself!
* by 35, I need to do start working on my world-changing greatness
* so that by 40 i will be a TED speaker. =)
But before all those grandiose goals, I will have my way to TED global 2010 by being part of the audience first by turning my stairbucks ‘coaching’ (because it was actually a pseudo coaching program which i accidentally deleted. can’t get stupider than that.) into an android application. Then, I will submit it to Snaptic Move Your App DEveloper Challenge who gives out TED tickets to the grand prize winner. For those who will be joining that challenge, you can have the consolation prizes. =)
I’m feeling that I’ll advance to my TED dreams, than my killer headshot. =) I’m writing this down because I badly wanted them all! =) 
So for those contemplating buying a smart phone, please go for android phones so you can use my stairbucks application. =)