Finding Your Life’s Work and Loving Your Life

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This is the competence trap: when you amass enough career capital to exert meaningful control over your life and career, the only investment presented as reasonable will be to further maximize your competence at the expense of the other areas of your life.

For example:

The Ivy League student who graduates with honors is attracted to law school because it???s the next rung on a competitive competence-growing ladder.
The ambitious med student turns to a demanding specialty because it???s presented as the domain for hot shots.
The young corporate star enrolls in an MBA program so she can return to the management fast track at the company, as that???s the prize stand outs are supposed to chase.
And so on???
To follow McKibben???s lead requires a cautious awareness of the competence traps that will litter your path as you become better and better at what you do.

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