Designing Life

I’ve read a few books about ‘designing’ – they’re more of textbooks so not really that interesting. They’re about how to design websites and ‘rich internet applications’ (i love using technical terms to appear intellectual).

It made me think about the process of designing web apps can also be applied on designing our life. It might not come new to you, but for me it is like a eureka moment. The last 3 books I read were focused on GOAL-oriented designs. One way to make your product good is to design it based on users’ goals.

The easiest way to define goal is probably to know the difference between GOAL and TASKS. Example is goal is to go to Manila. Task is the immediate steps you will do to achieve the goal. Goal does not change much, but tasks are varied and can change a lot. So your tasks for that goal can be – take a boat/airplane/bus, check budget, check places to stay, pasalubong to bring, etc. Take example for pasalubong, with specialty products almost available at your locality, it might not really a necessary task. (i’m not sure if i painted a good logic here but i hope we get the drift)

So applying it to my life, I realized I’m designed to a TASK-oriented discipline. It’s like I remember talking to a friend who got burned out with her work in callcenter. She said she really want to become a banker. Then, I asked her why not apply to banks now. But she cannot do that because she has to start from scratch again in the bank industry, plus,compared to call centers, the pay is low – cannot sustain her and family needs. Looking at it, my friend’s goal and the tasks she’s taking are quite far apart. Though, I could say nothing is wasted because whatever task we get ourselves into, it always give us value – monetary and non-monetary. And, we could hope that after jumping from one task to another, though unrelated, can hopefully land us to our goal.

I guess with some unavoidable circumstances also, a lot of us has not much choice but to answer to the immediate tasks – to feed our mouth. But the thing with this is that it creates a lot of dead people walking. Doing tasks with only monetary value to give back to you does not promote us above from a prostitute (nothing against prostitute if being one is her/his goal in life).

Owkei, i’m being self-righteous again. But I cannot help but feel strongly about it because i have kids, and I do not like my kids to end up like dead people walking. If you are one of the dead people walking, and it is fine with you, will it still be fine to you if it’s your kids now in your shoe?

Let me just end this with, is your life now goal-oriented or task-oriented? =
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