Coders at Work (Wakulu) — ever wonder what is inside a programmer’s head? Tips on creating a product straight from someone who really creates a product =)

Q: How do you decide that it is the right or not the right time to ship out the product?

Norlan: When my wife can actually use it without asking me for help.

Q: Any surprising moments, at the top of your head, that you had with Wakulu?

Norlan: That there are people actually interested in the product :-)

Q: Given your experience with Wakulu, if you are to advise people who want to develop their own product from scratch, what would your advices be?

– A solid idea that you and your team believe in. It???s important to be on the same page.

– Everything is temporary until you actually ship the product and people started using your app.

– Don???t be afraid to throw away your code if you are not happy with the outcome. It???s not a waste of effort, the experience you gain from it is valuable on your next design.
– Build the bare minimum of the app. You still don???t know if your app is worth using so why implement all the features?
– Test early.
– Have fun.

For more non-programming tidbits of a programmer, you can check Norlan???s blog site. What makes him smile???

I guess most of us do not really bother what/who are behind a product, except when it goes boinkers probably. But does it ever cross your mind that the internet browser, Netscape, benchmark for being a good product is that when a programmer’s mother can actually use it? I always find those little tidbits interesting. Here is an example of a developer’s quirky thoughts. =)