Behind the Scene of Building a Web App (Wakulu)

When I started here, Wakulu was on the 2nd revision and was about to be released officially. The 2nd revision was fully functional and packed with features, but after a lot of deliberations with the team, we decided to hold off releasing it for the public. It was a difficult decision for us, especially for the first members of the team, because it only meant one thing ??? the developers have again to start from scratch the 3rd time. Take note, 3rd time. The application they develop for almost a year, just went down the drain. But sacrifices have to be made, not only because we want to give the best to the users, but also for our own benefit ??? we want to make the product painless to use for everybody.

But, it was not all a waste. The team has definitely learn a lot of valuable stuff from the 1st and 2nd revisions. You can check here the screenshots of the 1st and 2nd ???versions??? of Wakulu.

The team is now again ???happily??? coding for the 3rd revision of the product. We are hoping to release a ???minimum viable product??? version of it the beginning of May, 2010. Yes, pressure is high for the developers. But I???m very confident that we can make it.

I???ve seen the progress, and I???m wow! I???m very excited to show off the unfinished revised Wakulu but Norlan refused to show it off. Our lead developer, is a bit protective of his ???baby.??? But I cannot wait to show it off so I steal some shots of the mock-up the team created. Following are images of mock-ups and drafts, mostly created by Norlan. Note that this is for the third revision of Wakulu already. I can say that creating software application is basically like writing a book, you might have to go a lot of revisions and changes and rewrites before you get satisfied with it. But unlike with the book, working does not end after releasing the product ??? there will be maintenance, revisions and fixes that will be pouring in after.

From our whiteboard:

Mockup of 3rd revision Wakulu


mockup of 3rd revision of Wakulu

From Norlan???s notebook:

Mockup for 3rd Revision of Wakulu

Mock-up of 3rd Revision of Wakulu

You can find more of our mock-ups for Wakulu here, our flickr account.

I wish to give you a peek of how it is to be part of a team developing a web application. Sorry, we do not have those glitz-and-glamour mock-up stuff. We do it the dirty rough way since 95% of the team are developers, who can only talk in codes.