Why is interface design important or not?


I was amazed to find the keywords 'why is interface design important or not' reached my tweetmoments.wordpress.com 'blogsite' when 95% of the keywords that landed on it are mostly about text services of the different Philippine telcos. Yes, if you want some traffic to your site, try posting about text packages and your site will never be lonely again.

So back to 'Why is interface design important or not?' When I started just a month ago bug testing again, I realized the importance of 'form.' I've been a believer of function over form, but then looking at it deeper– function becomes useless if users do not know how to get around your website or application. So is interface design important or not?

It depends.

* If your website or application is just meant for you and your friends and your classmate, you can have the interface design your way.
* If you can afford a massive customer support ala Microsoft, then it is okay that only you and your developers understand the interface design because you have 24/7 customer support agents to guide your users where the 'save' button is or how to print from your application.
* If your website or application is the only one that can provide that service, then it is okay for your interface to suck since users have no other option but your application.
* If your website or application is not meant for commercial use, then no need to invest time designing your interface.
* Or, if you do not simply care if using your website or application is frustrating, then what the eff interface design your face.

Again 'why is interface design important?'

From a user's point of view (since I cannot say from a designer's point of view), it is important because it is a way to make users, your audience, feel that creators of the website/application appreciate the users and their time by making it easier to use their service. Having a well-arrange interface design can save users a lot of time from figuring your app, and doing their tasks via your application. Of course, there is the monetary advantages to it, increase user conversation rate, subscriptions, and etcetera.

But in the end, 'interface design' is quite a gray area in the web application arena because for one each?? person involved in developing a piece of application has its own idea of how to design an interface (that is if if interface design ever came to their mind). And, if you read usability books, they can just provide design patterns that work as of now with the users but as to how create organically an interface design to be usable is hard to define. Just think of it this way from Jakob Nielsen's Usability Engineering book, 'Designers are not users. Users are not designers.' So whoever has the final say on interface design, that is a big trial and error.