songs, dances, and (no)medals

last friday was my kids’ culminating program.

Meg’s nursery class presentation. She’s the one with the short& stout hands.
Migi’s kinder class presentation. Forgive the mother for his son’s shabby costume. He’s the brother of Joseph here. But he is more of resort-to-curtain-for-costume boy.
Meg throwing fits because she did not get any medals. She already pulled me near the stage because she wanted me to accompany her to get her medal. But then no ‘margaret buenconsejo’ name was called, not even for a ‘best in penmanship’ award. She threw fits, while I was laughing inside for this ‘kid moment.’
While Migi kept asking ate mona where was his medal already. It looks like I don’t have medal-material kids, or even ‘best in penmanship’-material kids. But maybe this one.
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